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3 min readJan 9, 2021


An individual that is capable of looking beyond the mainstream rhetoric that is being spoon fed to us Big Brother stylee? Prepared to stand up to these draconian, totalitarian infringements upon our civil liberties, with your head firmly and visibly above the parapet, sharing truths in any way you can? Doing whatever is in your power to do? Refusing to be cowed, a freedom fighter!


Or, using your skills as a psychic and light worker to shine a loving light on all the many layers of truth for others and the world at large to see, intuit and feel safe within. Keeping and feeding the energetic resonance needed to maintain the Earth’s balance? Whilst, protecting the freedom radicals?


Or perhaps you identify more as a passenger in this change without the power or faith to exercise your voice. My definition of a passenger; someone who is riding this current apocalypse on the disingenuous coat tails of giant corporate greed, misled, mired in fear and most likely, projectile vomiting it all over anyone whose taken either of the other two options! And it’s okay to be that, I may sound like I am judging you but I am not, we all must do what we can live in peace with. I am just seeing you and forgiving you.

2021 and beyond

I know so many had high hopes for a return to “normality” in 2021, but I am afraid that ship has thankfully begun to properly sink. It has to be, we were literally eating the natural world to death, physically and metaphysically. And, when it’s gone, it’s really gone and so are we!

Small price to pay

I, amongst many other lightworkers, forecast that the good times will not materialise until 2024! Hard to hear I am sure, very easy to deny because that seems too far in the future for any sort of comfort. However, just to get a little perspective, that’s less than a prime ministerial term in office and look how little they actually achieve and here we’re talking a realigned, sustainable, loving world! And, at the very least, a small price for the greater one of continued existence.

No joy division

The divisive split in opinions is a true reflection of the machiavellian tactics we are subject to, we have been skilfully coerced into falling out with our nearest and dearest over our personal perceptions of what is happening to our world.

Death us do part

I have been called all sorts because I can’t go along with the charade that we’re in the midst of a dire crisis which can only be solved by wearing a mask and staying isolated at home! I feel frustrated and broken hearted that I cannot convince some of my favourite souls to see the truth, I fear they will die and not make it through this cull.

I know they think I am mad, that I’ve fallen down a twisted rabbit hole, warped by conspiracy theories and equally likely to die in my own naivety and stupidity.

Irreversible split

It’s reaching the point where the divide is so great, the difference so uncomfortable, isolating from each other is becoming permanent.

Viral reality

I am not suggesting there is not a flu type virus making its rounds amongst us, much like previous its incarnations; SARS, Influenza, Spanish Flu, Black Death etc (Yes, I know the Black Death was a different type of virus, but a pandemic created by ourselves).

Poisonous greed

It’s clear there is, and given that we live in a toxic, overpopulated world, we’re actually due this kind of natural cull. We do this to each other time and again and will continue to do so until we make the connection! Life needs balance in order to continue to exist, our misplaced emphasis on material wealth, driven by our egocentric greed has fucked that up that balance!

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