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Physical Wellbeing — Why you should use Vitamin Therapy for self-health

The Con

Most of us, when asked this question will automatically say no! That’s because of the mis-information we’ve once again been fed and not been encouraged to question. They totally are and this blog will tell you why I recommend all my Bespoke Wellbeing clients take up this form of treatment and give them a prescription for their individual needs.

Why don’t I know this?

Because this form of nutritional medicine is something we can do for ourselves with a little guidance, which is both affordable and truly healing. The pharmaceutical industry, which is worth a staggering three trillion dollars, is based on an infinite growth model that has created commodity out of disease. Their focus is symptom management and anything or anyone, like me, who goes against this tide removing your needs for them is debased, hidden or removed. Never underestimate the power of the second deadly sin of greed!

Orthomolecular Medicine

But this form of therapy is a real thing, it has a proper name, Orthomolecular Medicine , coined by Linus Pauling in 1968. He is regarded as America’s best scientist and is the only person to ever win two Nobel Prizes on his own merit. Despite his studies and proven success with Vitamin C his work fell from grace until the 1990s and I’d be surprised and impressed if you’d ever heard of him despite what he did for us. And, it was contrived by traditional orthodox doctors. It got its name from

Vitamin B

Doctor William Kaufman published his research papers in 1949 on how high doses of Vitamin B3, niacin or niacinamide, were transformative for patients suffering these crippling diseases.

Canadian physician Doctor Abram Hoffer (b.1917–2009), who spent his life treating and advocating the very real efficacy of megavitamin therapy and other nutritional interventions on schizophrenia and alcoholism. He cured depression with high doses of Vitamin B.

Such an easy thing to adjust for such transformative effects. Imagine a world where you took Vitamin B for your depression and not an Anti-depressant, which be stopping the functions your body was created to make.

Vitamin C

C stands for cure all and this really is a wonder vitamin.

In the 1930s, Dr. Claus W. Jungeblut, former professor of bacteriology at Columbia University, proved that Vitamin C could reverse the effects of Polio and his patients didn’t get the associated paralysis. He wrote a number of invaluable research papers on this in the 1930s. You can read about him and how and why, despite this amazing success, this incredible discovery never received the credence it should have.

In the 1950s, Doctor Frederick Robert Klenner, an expert on deep chest infections successfully cured viral pneumonia in 72 hours using high does of Vitamin C.

Vitamin E

In the 1940s, Doctors Wilfrid and Evan Shute discovered that Vitamin E prevented Fibroids, Endometriosis and basically cleaned out your arteries.

They published their findings on curing patients with angina and cardiovascular disease with high doses of Vitamin E in the 1950s. They treated over 30,000 patients successfully with this simple vitamin.

Sample Taster

That’s just a taster of all the research into this type of treatment and its history. In stark contract, wild animals do this naturally for themselves, they know how to keep themselves well through nutrition.

So What is It?

Simply, using high doses of nutrients to support the body to heal itself. We all have these substances already in our bodies, in varying degrees, poor health comes directly from scarcity. There are around 40,000 trillion cells in our bodies with 37 billion, billion chemical reactions taking place every second. Yes baby you are a firework, an enormous warehouse of simultaneous fireworks! To make and keep that magic happening you need the right amount of nutrients.

Can’t I just Eat Well?

Yes, you need to do that too and a lovely daily dose of vegetable juice amongst other things is ideal. However, the way we’ve over processed the food we eat means that it just isn’t cutting it on its own. You just need to check out the cancer rate, which is now 1 in 2 and other massive killers like coronary hearts disease. Mega vitamin dosing is a belt and braces approach, which doesn’t remove the need to eat fyi to all those faddy dieters out there! I see you….

Are Mega Doses of Vitamins Safe?

Yes, completely, the plain unadulterated vitamin on its own is completely bio-available to the human body. What you don’t need you simply wee out. And, you’d never front load a massive dose all in one go, the trick is to spread it out across your waking hours for it to be truly effective.

So How Much Do I Take?

This is where a wellness practitioner like myself come in, through my Bespoke Wellbeing Consultation with you I can establish your imbalances and recommend treatment. The recommended daily allowances (RDA) are stunningly below par, hence the need for guidance.

Why this is Important

Without enough Vitamin C, which is essential for making collagen, your blood vessels can leak. Your body responds by creating a clot, which in turn cracks and breaks off and can go into your brain and cause a vascular accident or stroke. Now imagine if you smoke, a single cigarette costs your body 25mg of Vitamin C, the RDA in this country is 125mg for men and just 115mg for women. Can you see how that creates imbalance? By making this connection in 1954 they linked smoking to hearts disease.

* And I appreciate a lot of us don’t smoke, but we all need collagen, around 4,500mg per day to be well, but that can vary right up into the 100,000mgs!

Want to Learn More for Self Health

I run a workshop on Body Healing, in which I take you through all the vitamins and their impact on our bodies. This is a 1–2–1 or small group of friends interactive experience, because it is so immersive.

Book your place Today here.

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