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2 min readMar 20, 2020

There is a well known short cut out of this shit, antidepressants, that’s what the doctor will prescribe. Yes, they can really work for some, they’re a life line if you’ve left it too long and become totally gridlocked in depression.

Natural ways to treat depression

However, there are some excellent natural ways to treat depression. For instance, seriously boosting your vitamin B3 intake. I am talking taking thousands of milligrams a day, well beyond the recommended daily allowance.

Using essential oils for depression is very effective, just a quick sniff hit of the right essential oils here and there and hey presto you’re in a better place all around. Essential oils treat wellbeing on three level, mental, physical and spiritual.

Let’s not overlook herbal teas, just drinking a lovely warm cup of the right herbs is akin to giving yourself a loving hug.

Why I go natural when treating my depression

I’m up for ‘au natural’ these days and don’t believe that spending my life on and off antidepressants is good for my physical and mental wellbeing. They never solve the problem, just kind of numb it and I am all about treating the source so it buggers off permanently.

Antidepressant side effects

Besides, antidepressants make my totally shady memory virtually non-existent. I forget too much these days, conversations, past experiences, items on the shopping list, where I put the keys, people’s names, what I’ve even previously written or said. All significantly enhanced by menopause and topped up by hEDS!

Additionally, they give me a generous helping of “who gives a fuck”, a lethal combination socially. This always starts out very ‘freeing’, but after time, lands up being 50 shades of shit. Because, unless you’re constantly wearing a large badge highlighting this clusterfuck, everyone lands up thinking you’re an arsehole and you lose all your friends, which is totally counter-intuitive!

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