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4 min readMar 20, 2020

Whenever we interact with another life force our energies exchange and combine. Subsequent separation, leaves us either positively charged or depleted and occasionally even confusingly violated. It’s useful to visualise yourself as a battery!

Please note that I mean positively charged in a literal sense, full of energy and wellbeing. Which doesn’t just have to be all ‘shining happy people’ but can be hard stuff you need to hear, like how to improve as a human being at work or at home.

Personal power flow

We all have the propensity to radiate positive or negative energy, depending on our internal emotional state and overall wellbeing. Additionally, we have the power to give or take energy from each other.

This becomes conscious through and managed by self-awareness. Healthy balanced relationships involve selfless giving and taking, in fact transference is a natural part of communication.

Beware of the toxic ones

In these current times there are a lot of toxic individuals out and about. Aka those choosing to not take responsibility for themselves, with low E.Q (Emotional Intelligence) and brimming with noxious energy.

These are the ‘Transferees’, roaming freely to violate our souls or steal our vibrancy and fuck up our wellbeing.

Good vibes Vs energy vampires

We all know people who just ‘light-up’ the room, energy radiating from them in full technicolour, and others who drain it to fifty shades of grey, ‘emotional vampires’. They are directly harmful to our holistic wellbeing.

They resonate with our secret selves

Our attraction or repulsion to them is relational to what internal unresolved issues or emotional triggers we have lurking in the deep. I discuss this more deeply in my blog Why your is Shadow self or Dark Side important

Power stealing

Today I want to talk about transference and the damage we do to ourselves inadvertently when we entertain it, literally. Negative transference is universal, frequently and inappropriately taking place across too many social and professional settings and we need to understand its impact on our wellbeing in order to protect ourselves.

Blind to it

And, because we’re energetically and emotionally illiterate, we usually don’t even recognise it! We’ve accidentally welcomed it with open arms and as a consequence, land up feeling shit and undermining ourselves believing we’re the problem?! ‘Let’s share a cup of tea whilst you gas my oxygen and rob me blind!’

Insidious violation

It crops up with alarming insidious pervasiveness in my ‘catch ups’ with friends (sorry, just had sex with my thesaurus). At least one, and often both of us, has a poisoned example to share, a battle we’ve lost in the moment and only understood with careful hindsight!

Opening your eyes

And, because this energetic violation has such a detrimental impact on our self-esteem and wellbeing, I want to mitigate, at least some of it, through the enlightenment of certain esoteric truths.

Words are energy spells

Words, spoken or not, carry energy completing our transmission affecting our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those who hear them.

I regularly, as a witch, get asked to define ‘magic spells’; the ‘patriarchal religious’ notion of scary, ugly crones flying through the night casting evil spells lives on! I talk about this more in my blog What defines a Witch

They are the words and thoughts we issue, influencing what we attract or repel to ourselves. Hence why historical clichés like, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ continue to exist.

Words live on within us long after physical wounds have healed, bad ones persisting in causing pain because they carry energetic resonance.

The Law of Attraction

This concept is further explained by the Law of Attraction. This is what is happening to you and around you all the time. Whether you choose to accept this or not, it happens regardless.

Ignorant of the danger

And, because this energy swap is largely overlooked and unobserved by the naked eye, we fall victim to it. We don’t protect our energy centres and absorb other people’s crap — their hair-shirts and compromise our wellbeing.

Through personal therapy you get a 2D perspective on transference and learn to distinguish it, yours and others. For example, when someone’s company makes you feel uncomfortable or confused and you recognise they’re transferring. Unfortunately they won’t necessarily be consciously doing this, which is why it requires a high emotional intelligence on your part.

Get enlightened for protection

To create heightened awareness of negative energetic transference and protection your holistic wellbeing, it’s critical to familiarise oneself to the body’s energy centres, chakras, as depicted in this image.

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