Heal yourself for FREE….why wouldn’t you?I’m writing this blog in my capacity as a Green Witch. FYI, a Green Witch is, by my definition, one who deals and heals with Mother Nature; nothing insane or arcane. By sharing this wisdom with you, you will be able to heal yourself from some very common, persisting and frequently debilitating ailments, for FREE. The only thing then stopping you from manifesting improved health, will be your own laziness!

  • Acids: caffeic, ferulic, folacin (plant); linoleic, oleic and palmitic (seeds), formic, galic, acetic. (stinging hairs)
  • Mucilage (plant)
  • Lecithin (plant)
  • Histamine (stinging hairs)
  • Serotonin (stinging hairs) — who can get enough of that????
  • Acetyl-choline (stinging hairs)
  • Tannins (plant, especially the root)
  • Alcohols: glycerol (seed)
  • Chlorophyll
  • Vitamins: vitamin B ( Niacin, riboflavin,thiamin, choline) (leaves); Vitamin C(leaves); beta carotene; vitamin K
  • Minerals: Nitrogen, potassium, iron, calcium, sulphur, magnesium, aluminium (leaves)



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Claire The Oily Witch

Claire The Oily Witch


Wellbeing expert and practitioner, sharing my tips on how to achieve mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.