13 is NOT an Unlucky Number!

Claire The Oily Witch
2 min readSep 11, 2019

As we high tail it towards another Friday 13th, I feel compelled to quickly dispel the rumours that 13 mean bad luck! Because, collective opinion that it is, gathers and collects fearful, malintentioned energy, making it thus. You create your very own poltergeist…So, it has become important for me to tell you different, so we can work together to return it to its former glory. And stop you freaking out when you happen upon her…. Man, there is even lifts with no number 13 and hotels will no room number 13 because of this idiocracy! And…. she’s even got her very own phobia?!, triskaidekaphobia! Nuts, nuts, nuts

In the good old days, before the advent of Christianity, 13 was a girl! This was down to the number of moon cycles we have a year, aka menstrual or lunar cycle, and la lune is definitely “une femme”; check 13×28=364. Across the world, the Mayan’s calendar the Tzolk’in, marked time in 13-day periods, known as “trecenas”. The Egyptians were fans of 13, they built their pyramids with nine steps divided into seven nights and six days.

13 is a Fibonacci number, she’s coded! She’s also a happy number in mathematical terms, yup there is such a thing! In the Kabbalistic system of gematria, their take on numerology, 13 equals “love of unity,” because “love” and “unity” in Hebrew total 13. Have you noticed that a standard deck of cards has 13 in a suit….? In tarot card terms, the 13th card is ‘Death’, the meaning concerned with freeing yourself from a past that no longer serves you well and proceeding toward the future; rather positive huh!

But once those misogynistic Christos came into power, because that’s what it was and really is, they favoured “sun” (aka son) worship and created the solar calendar. This got rid of the problem of at least one of those pesky feminine 13 moons, and fitted far more comfortably with their superimposed festival calendar. They proceeded to diss 13 and make out like she was something nasty and evil, their depiction of the Last Supper a case in point. They claimed witches always convened in groups of 13?!

And, that’s kind of stuck in our culture hasn’t it! Most of you don’t even know why you don’t like the number, you just do… Ok, there were a lot of horror movies created to reinforce the darkness around poor 13, but it all really is a load of bolloxs.

In the West, 13 is also hallowed as the first coming of age, the arrival of puberty and is the age of consent in some countries. 13 is the number of the Great Goddess, Mother Nature, so let’s give her some love and seem what transposes instead.

Originally published at http://celticwitchmama.com on September 11, 2019.



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